What causes traffic jams on highways?*

Why visual barriers?

Visual barriers at crash scenes ensure that traffic passes faster as there are no onlookers, there is less danger of accident through distraction or sudden breaking and people involved in accidents feel safer behind visual barriers.

How does TWONG© work?

* The data are taken from a 2011 study of the Ruhr University Bochum on traffic jams on North Rhine-Westphalia’s highways

Using Hessen1 in Germany as an example

Heavy traffic 55%

Construction sites and breakdowns 25%

Accidents 20%

What do traffic jams cost?

EUR 7.5 billion/year in the 22 largest German cities2

EUR 21.6 billion on all highways and country roads3

1 Source: HLSV 2010,
2 Source: Studie des Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr),
3 Source: Unite 2002