What does TWONG© stand for?

TWONG© is derived from a combination of „two“ and „tongs“

Where can I mount TWONG© mobile fastening systems?

On all road restraint systems with a width of min. 30 to max. 330mm, like concrete safety barriers, crash barriers, Super-Rails, etc.

Do I need tools to mount the TWONG©?

No, it can be mounted without any tools.

In which sizes is TWONG© available?

MEDIUM is the standard size, two connected systems mounted next to each other form size LARGE.

What is the weight of a TWONG©?

The TWONG© weighs 6kg.

Which certifications does TWONG© have?

A static assessment guarantees up to force 8 winds with a canvas size of up to 200x100cm. TWONG© is TÜV Rheinland certified.

Which admission requires TWONG©?

TWONG© meets all legal requirements and guidelines.

Which product labeling does TWONG© have?

TWONG© is produced by an „EN 1090“ certified company.

What material is TWONG© made of?

TWONG© is made of aluminium EN AW 6082 T6 and is powder-coated.

What material is the lashing strap?

100% Polyester – EN 12195-2 with 2.000 daN (tear strength).

What material is the ratchet?

The ratchet is made of galvanized sheet steel.

Is there a warranty?

In case of annual maintenance by TWONG© Engineering GmbH the guarantee is extended for another year. The warranty covers all mechanical parts made from aluminium, rubber, polyester and steel.

Which patents does TWONG© have?

TWONG© has a european patent No. EP2518213.

Where is TWONG© produced?

TWONG© is only produced in Austria.

Is there any anti-theft protection for TWONG©?

Yes, with the safety box „Leia“ (to be mounted with tools) TWONG© is not only protected against theft, but also protected against vandalism.

For which purposes can I use TWONG©?

For road safety, major events, concerts etc. – and wherever it is needed ;-)